Hutchinson -DA407 .H9 H7 1806

13 and at his command and for his glorie chearefully resign'd them. I-Ie was as kinde a father, as dcare a brother, as good a master, and as fai thfull a friciid as the world had, yet in all these rehtlions, the greatest indulgence he could have in the world nel'er prevail'd on him to indulge vice in any the dearest person, but the more dcare any was to him, the more was he offended' at any thing that might Lake of the lustre of their glorie. As he had great severity against errors and follies pertinaciously persued, so had he the most merciful, gentle, and compassionate frame of spiritt that can be imagin'd to those who became sensible of their errors and frailties, although they had bene nerer so iniurious to himselfe. Nor was his soule !esse shining in honor then in love. Pietie being still the bond of <tll his other vertues, there was nothing he durst not doe or suffer, but sin against God, and therefore as he never regarded his life in any noble and just entcrprize, so he never staked it in any rash or unwarrantable hazard. He was never surpriz'd, amaz'd, nor confounded with greatc difficulties or dangers, which rather serv'cl to animate then distract his spiritts: he had made up his accounts with life and death, and fixt his purpose to entertaine both honorably, so that no accident ever disrnay'd him, but he rather reioic'd in such troublesome conflicts as migbt signal ize his generosity. A truer or more li vely vallour there never was in anie man, but in all his actions, it ever marcht in the same fil e with wisedome. He understood well, and as well pcrform'd when he undertooke it, the millitary art in all pans of it: he naturally lov'd the employment as it suited with his active temper, more than any, conceiving a mutual delight in leading those men tharlov'd hi s conduct; and when he commanded souldiers, never was man more loved and reverenced by all that were under him : for l1e wou ld neve r condiscencl to them in anie thing they mutinously sought, nor suffer them to sceke what it was fitt for him to provide, but prevented