Hutchinson -DA407 .H9 H7 1806

14 them by his loving care; and while he exercis'cl his authori ty no way but in keeping them to their iust duty, they ioy'd as much in his commands, as he in their obedience: he was very liberal! to them, but ever chose iust times and occasions to exercise it. I cannot say whether he were more truly magnanimous or )esse proud : he never disdain'cl the meanest person nor flatter'd the greatest; he had a loving and sweete courtesie to the pooi·est, an.d wou ld often employ many spare howers with the commonest souldiers and poorest labourers, but still so ordering his familliarity as it never rays'cl them to a contempt, but entertained still at the same time a reverence with love of him : he ever preserv'cl himselfe in his owne rank, neither being proud of it so as to despise any inferior, nor Jetting fall that iust decorum which his honor obliged him to keepe up. He was as farre from envie of superiors as from contemning them that were under him: he was above the ambition of vaine t itles, and so well contented with the even ground of a gentleman, that no invitation could have prevail'cl upon him to advance one step that way; he lov'd substantial! not ayric honor : as he was above seeking or delighting in emptie titles for himself, so he neither denied nor envied any man's due precedency, but pitticd those that tooke a glorie in that which had no foundation of vertue. As little did he seeke after popular applause, or pride himselfe in it, if at any time it cried up his just deserts; he more delighted to doe well th~n to be prays'd, and never sett vulgar commendations at such a r&te, as to ac t contrary to his owne conscience or reason for the obteining them, nor would forbear a good action wh ich he was bound to, though all the world disliked it, for he ever look'd on things as they were in themselves, not through the dimme spectacles of vulgar estimation. As he was farre fi·om a vaine affectation of popularity, so he never neglected that iust care that an honest man ought to have of his reputation, and was as careful! to avoyd the