Hutchinson -DA407 .H9 H7 1806

17 mixt with impurity he never would endure. The heate of his youth a little enclin'd him to the passion of anger, and the goodnesse of his -nature to those of love and griefe, but reason was never dethron'd by them, but continued governesse and moderator in his soul. ' t In this place Mrs. Hutchinson has written, u All this and more is true, but I so much dislike the- manner of relating it, that I will make another assay." And accordingly she proceeds to write his character over again, but it has the appearance of being much more laboured, and much less characteristick, and therefore the former is preferred. At the same place is written: " Thi s book was \vritten by Lucy, the widow and relict of Col. John Hutchinson, of Owthorp." J . H. (Julius Hutchinson, grandfather of the Editor.)