Hutchinson -DA407 .H9 H7 1806

30 cn tertain'd with all the sports that could be f(JUnd to delight his mind or exercise his body. Accord ingly he was carried home; and had a pack of hounds, huntsmen, and horses kept for him, and was something recreated, but not cured thereby, till afterward it pleased God to effect that cure by a yo.ung practitioner, which the ablest phisitians of the country could not worke. The sPparation from this brother to whom he had such an entire affection, cousider'd with the sad occasion of it, was a greate afliction to the elder brother, who rema in'd in a place where he had little to delight him, having an aversion to his austere pedantique master, and that encreast by an opinion t ha t his severitie had bene the cause of his deare brother's distemper. The greate encouragement Sr. Thomas had to trust his sons in this towne, was, because att that time, a gentleman inhabited there who had married his uncle's widow, and had bene his fellow-sufferer in a confinement in Kent, when King Charles the First had broken up a parliament to t he di sgust of the peopl e, and durst not trust those gentlemen that had bene most faithfull defenders of their countries interests, to return for some time to their owne cou ntries, for which they serv'd.' Of these worthy patriots Sr. Thomas H utchinson and Sr. Thomas Grantham, the gentleman of whom I am speaking, were confined fi·om Nottingham and Lincolnesh ire to the house of one Sr. Adam Newton in Kent; the good father little thinking then, that in that fatall countrie, his son ne should suffer an imprisonment, upon the same account to the destruction of his c This piece of history is mentioned by Unpin, Si r Thomas Grantham is named, but Sir Thomas I-Jutchinson and many others not n:.~med. It appears, in Thoro ton's History of Notti ngham, edited by Throsby, that thi s confinement so far answered the purpose of Charles tbe Fil'3t, that it caused another to be choseH instead of Sir Thomas Hutchinson, Knight. of the Shire; but as soon as Si r Thomas got free he was again chosen, and continued to represent the county till his death.