Hutchinson -DA407 .H9 H7 1806

Sl life and famely . Sr. Thomas Grantham was a gentleman of grea te repute in his country, and kept up all his life the old hospi tality of England, having a greate retinue and a noble table, and a resort of all the nobi llity and gentry in those parts. He bad only two sons, whereof the eldest was a fine gentleman, bred beyond the seas, according to the hest education of those times; the other was a foolis h youth, schoolefellow with Mr. Hutehinson, who el'ery Saturday night was feteht from schoole to Sr. Thomas Grantham's, and return'd againe the Munday morning. V pon the intimate friendship be tweene Sr. Thomas Hutchinson and this gentleman, Sr. Thomas l-Iutehinson had a lodging always kept for him at Lincolne, and was very often there. My Lady Grantham had with her a very pretty young gentlewoman, whom she brought with her out of K ent, the daughter of Sr. Adam Newton; my lady's designe was to begin an early acquaintance, which might after draw on a marriage betweene her and Mr. Hutchinson, and it tooke such effect that there was a greate inclination in the young gentlewoman to him ; and so much good nature on his side, as amounted to a mutual! respect, and such a friendship as their youth was capable of, which the panmts and others that wisht soe, interpreted to be a passion of love; but if it were, death quencht the flame, and ravisht the young lady from him in the sweete blooming of her youth. T lmt night she died, he lay in his father's chamber, and by accident being very sick, it was imputed to that cause, but he himselfe least perceiv'd he had any m~re of love for her, then gratitude for her kindnesse to him, upon which account her death was an afliction to him, and made that house which had bene his reliefe fi'om his hated schoole ]esse pleasant to him: especial ly when he mctt there continual! sollicitations to sin by the travel'd gentleman, who livi ng i.n all seem1ng sobriety before his father, was in his owne chamber not only vicious himselfe, but full of endcav<"!ur to corrupt Mr. Hutchinson, who by the grace of God resisted and detested his fre11