Hutchinson -DA407 .H9 H7 1806

33 Mr. Norwich, an admimble schollar, who by his civill demeanor to him wonne so much upon his good nature, that he lov'd and reverenc'd him as a father, and betooke himselfe with such delight to his studies that he atlain\1 to a great height of learning, perform'd publick exercises in his colledge with much app lause, and upon their importunity took a degree in the university, whereof be was at that time the grace, there not being any gentleman in the towne that Jived. with such regularity in himselfe, and such general! love and good esteeme of all persons as he did . He kept not companie with any of the vaine young persons, but with the graver men, and tlwse by whose conversation he might gaine improovement. He was constant at their chapel!, where he began to take notice of their stretching superstition to idolatry; and .was conrted much into a more solemne practise of it then he could admit, though yet he considered not the emptinesse and carnallitie, to say no more, of that publick service which was then in use. For his exercise he practis'd tennis, and play'd admirable well att it; for his diversion, he chose musick, and gott a very good hand, which afterwards he improov'd to a greate mastery on the viol!; there were masters that taught to dance and valt, whom he practis'd with, being very agile and apt for all such becoming exercises : his father stinted not his expence, which the bounty of his mind made pretty large, for he was very liberal! to his tutors, and servitors, and to the meaner officers of the house. He was entic'd to bow to their greate idol! Jearning, and had a higher veneration for it a long time than can strictly be allow'd, yet he then Jook'd upon it as a handmaid to devotion, and as the greate improover of natural reason. His tutor and the masters that govern'd the colledge while he was there, were of Arminian principles, and that colledge was noted above all for popish' superstitious practises, yet through the grace of God, n<;>twithstanding the mutual! kindnesse the whole household had for him and he for them, he came away, after five yeares study there,