Hutchinson -DA407 .H9 H7 1806

quent temptations of all kinds. The advantage he had at this schoole, there being very many gentlemen's sons there, an old lowcountry souldier was entertain'd to traiqe them in arms, and they all bought themselves weapons, and instead of childish sports, when they were not at their bookes, were exercis'd in all their military postures, and in assaults and defences; which instruction was not uselesse in a few yeares after, to some of them : Col. Thornhagh, who was now train'd in this sportive militia, with Col. Hutchinson, afterwards was his fellow souldier in earnest, when the great cause of God's and England's rights came to be disputed with swords against encroaching princes. Sr. Thomas Grantham dying, Mr. Hutchinson was removed from Lincolne to the fi·eeschoole at Nottingham, where his father married a second wife, and for a while went up to London with her, leaving his sonne at bord in a very religious house, where new superstitious and pharisaical holiness, straining at gnatts and swallowing camels; gave him a little disgust, and was a while a stumbling block in his way of purer profession, when he saw among professors such unsuitable miscarriages. There was now a change in the condition and contentment of his life; he was old enough to be' sensible that his father's second love and marriage to a person of such quallity, as required a settlement for her ' sonne, must needs be a lessening to his expectation, but he was so affectionate to his father that he receiv'd it very contentedly, and reioic'd in his remoove, comming from a supercilious pedant to a very honest man, who using him with respect, advanc'd him more in one month then the other did in a year. 'I' his tied him to no observation, nor restrein'd him from no pleasure, nor needed not, for he was so moderate when he was left at his liberty that he needed no regulation . The familliar kindnesse of his master, made him now begin to love that which the other's austerity made him loath; and in a yeare's time he advanc'd exceedingly in leaming, and was sent to Cambridge. He was made a fellw-eommoner of Peter House, under the tuition of one