Hutchinson -DA407 .H9 H7 1806

43 suited and every way answerable, in that little thing, shewing both good iudgement and greate generosity, he equally becoming them and they him, which he wore with such unaffectednesse and such neatenesse as doe not often meete in m1e. Allhough he had but an evening sight of her he had so long dcsir'd, and that at disadvantage enough for her, yett the prevailing sympathie of his soule, made him thinke all his paynes well payd, and this first did whett his desire to a second sight, which he had by accident the next day, and to his ioy found she was wholly disengag'd from that treaty, which he so much fear'd had been accomplisht; he found withal], that though she was modest, she was accostable and willing to entertaine his acquaintance. This soone past into a mutuall friendship betweene them, and though she innocently thought nothing of love, yet was she glad to have acquir'd such a friend, who had wisedome and vertue enough to be trusted with her councells, for she was then much perplext in mind ; her mother and friends had a greate desire she should marry, and were displcas'd that she refus'd many offers which they thought advantageous enough; she was obedient, loath to displease them, but more herselfe, in marrying such as she could find no inclination to. 'The troublesome pretensions of some of the courtiers, had made her willing to trie whether she could bring her heart to her mother's desi re, but being by a secret working, which she then understood not, averted, she was troubled to returne, lest some might believe it was a secret liking of them which had caus'd her dislike of others, and being a little disturb'd with these things and melancholly, Mr. Hutchinson, appearing, as he was, a person of vertue and honor, who might be safely and advantageably converst with, she thought God had sent her a happy reliefe. Mr. Hutchinson, on the other side, having bene told, and seeing how she shun'cl all other men, and how civilly she entertain' cl him, believ'd that a secret power had wrought a mutuall inclination betweene them, and dayly frequented her mother's' house, and .had