Hutchinson -DA407 .H9 H7 1806

44 the opertunitie of conversing with her in those pleasant 1valkes, . which, at that sweete season of the spring, invited all the neighbouring inhabitants to seeke their ioyes; where, though they were never alone, yet they had every day opertunity for converse with each other, which the rest shar'd not in, while every one minded their ownc delights. They had not six weekcs enioy'd this peace, but the young men and weomen, who saw them allow each other that kindnesse which they did not afford commonly to others, first began to grow iealous and envious at it, and after to use all the mallitious practises they could invent to breake the friendship. Among t)le rest, that gentleman, who at the first had so highly commended her to Mr. Hutchinson, now began to caution him against her, and to disparedge her, with such subtile insinuations, as would have ruin'd any love, ]esse constant and honorable then his. The weomen, with wittie spite, represented all her hwlts to him, which chiefly terminated in the negligence of her dress and habitt, and all womanish ornaments, giving herselfe wholly up to studie and writing. Mr. Hutchinson, who had a very sharpe and pleasant witt, retorted all their mallice with ;uch iust rcproofes of their idlenesse and vanity, as made them hate her, who, without affecting it, had so engag'd such a person in her protection, as they with all their arts could not catch. He in the meanewhile prosecuted his love, with so much discretion, duty, and honor, that at the length, through many difficulties, he accomplisht his designe. I shall passe by all the little amorous relations, which if I would take the paynes to relate, would make a true history of a more handsome management of love then .the best romances describe: k for these are to be forgolten as the vanities of youth, not worthy mention among the greater transactions of his life. There is this only to be recorded, that never was there a pask \\Till not many regret that she passes so transiently these scenes of tenderness and sentiment?