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life of %proof. ïteDífptap of eto/totlo ewe Or, nefs of God, to keep the Law perfectly, fo he was made under the Law tokeep it for us, and as we were finful Men, and liable to the Juif Sentence oftheLaw for our Violation of it, fo he was made under the Law, and as our Re- prefentative and Surety, to die and to fatisfie Divine Juftice for our Tranfgrefiions that were againft it. He was made under the Law, i. e. un- der the Preceptory part of it, to fulfil and eftablifh that ; he fàtisfied for that part of the Law.' He was under theLaw, as being liable to the Punifhment, or Penalty of the Law, that he might anfwerand fulfil that,and for everdeliver us from the Punifhment thereof, and all this as our Surety Landing in our Lawplace. Reproof.' This may tend feverely to repre- hend thofe new and erroneous Notions that fo prevail amongft us, concerning Chrift's Work and Office as Mediator ; we fay, and prove that by Chrift's A&ive and Perfeec Obedience' to the Law, we are juftified and delivered from Wrath and Condemnation, or that by Chrift's Righteoufnefs imputed, Believers are perfcdlj Juftified, and freed frorm the Curfe of the Law, and are certainly entituled to Eternal Life. .1. But our new Work-mongers aflert, That our Ynft fication or Right to Life, dependeth wholly upon our Obedience (to the C'ofpel aa Law) as the Condition to which it is promifed : Therefore (as one obferyes)it puts us into a conditionof Life imperfe& and fubjfe't tochange, asObedience it felf