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ebeenema of PeaceOpeneti+ feif is,andthat we are not perfectly Ju11ified till our Obedience is perfeaed : Thus Mr. Clarkof High-Wickham and others. Take Mr. Clarks Clark's Words, viz.. Our JuThification at prefent, su ft ° while we are in this World, is but Partial, Imperfect, and Incompleat. P Anf. Now, fay I, this confounds Ju tificati- on, with San&ification ; and as I have told him, See Medi- then it alfo follows that Believers arepartly ju- twojx ítified, and partly condemned, i. e, we are not ireamr acquitted from the guilt of all Sin, whila in this World, .and foChrift's Dove is not 'Undefi- led : Lord, what an Age do we live in ! 2. We fay, that we are mak Partakers of Chrift's Righteoufnefs, and theBenefits of it, by our Union withhim through the Spirit, by which means Faith is wrought in us, by which we apprehend him ; and we fay, that Faith is an Iníirument whereby we receive him, Faith only Juítifying us .obfelively, iá e. It is not Faith, but Jefes Chrift that Faith takes hold of that doth Jultifie us in the Sight of God.. But they fay, That Faith in its whole Latitude, vs our .believing and obeying the Gofpel ; that is Faith and all the Fruits thereof, or Faith and Obe- dience, (or, if you pleafe, Faith and Gofpel- Works :) For Mr. Clark Pays, `That juftifcation e by Works, fringing from Faith, vs'Yuftification p. 71, s by Faith, in this Senfe. Again, they fay, That we are made Partakers ofthe Benefits of Chrift,, he having prchafd this Grant or Law, i. e. That they that do obey him to the end, (hail be.faved ; that is, Our Obedience doth both juftífte us and Save us. G Afro'