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EbeCQbeilaitt ofPrate Openeti. 83 but his which is perfe&, being pleadable at God'sBar. 4. We fay, That Juftification of a Sinner, is the acceptance of his Perfon, Or the pro- nouncing him Julf and Righteous in God's Sight, through the Imputation. of the Righte- oufilefs ofChrift, wherebyhe hath a full Right andTitle toEternal Life. They fay, That fuftiftcation is nothing elfe but the pardon of Sin, i. e. the not executing the Pú- See Lathe. ni hment of Sin due by the Law of Works, and an rus Redi acceptance of a .manfo long ais he pe formeth thev`° "3 New Condition ofSincere Obedience. For the Lord's fake, and for your Souls fake, beware of thofeMen, and their new andftrange Doc`±rine ; for it appears, Salvationmuff be a Debt, and not wholly of Grace, if what they faywere true; becaufe it is granted upon our fulfilling ofthe Conditions required, whichare indeed not light, but weighty anddifficult Conte ditions, as Faith, Regeneration, andPerfeverance, even Mr. Dan. Wi¡iiam's Baptifmal Covenant, which -all they whodonotfulfil it,he fays,fhall be damned ; the Violating of that Covenant, be- ing, as he affirms, the DamningSin : And this fo far as I can fee, is that which is their Cove- nant of Grace; not that Chrift ingaged for Us` to the Father, to do all for us, and in us in the Covenant. of Redemption, even to reconcile God to us, and us to God.; no, but that that was a di.ftina Covenant from the Covenant of Grace, which was to make way for us to enter into a Conditional Covenant of Grace, i. e. ofFaith, GoodWorks or Gofpel-Obedience. Which