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84 eDtV !ap of tostotloClue: Or, Which Error andMil-take, I purpofe, God willing, to refute before. I leave myText, and prove the Covenant of Peace is but one intire Covenant with that of Redemption. Comfort and Confolation, if, my Brethren, it is as you have heard that Jefüs Chrift, as aMe- diator, is equally interefted in both Parties, then what Comfort is here for Believers. r . We have no ground to fufpe& him of partiality ; he will not fail us, becaufe he is fo dearly and nearly related tous ; and alfo conf- dering what he hath done and fuffered for us : oh.i. ig And for their fakes I fantlifie my elf, that they alfo might be faníiified through the Truth. 2. Confider his Ability, not only to recon- cile us to God, but to continue us in that re- conciled State, we may depend upon his Power ; For I knowwhom Ihave believed, and I am perfwaded, that he is able to keep .twhich I have committed unto him againft t ü r°bay. 3. Conlidering his Love, a ?:a Faithfulnefs towards us, in the Exercife is Work and The(f 5. O.flice; Faithful is he that ,iea eth you, and afo 24. hewill do it. . Withwhat boldnefs alfomay we come to Heb.4.14..God by him ? Seeing we have fuck agreat High, Trieft, that is payed into the Heavens, emirs the Sonof Cx od _ reb. io. Having therefore, Brethren, boldnefs to enter 14. into the Holieft by the Bloodoffefius. This, I fay, may encourage us to make our humble Supplications to God with boldnefs, fiñce wehave fuch a Mediator between Godand us, theMan thrift Yefus. SER-