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Ebe Caimttt ofpQacQ 11) pEttEti+ Unfaithfulnefs in his Fallen Eftate therefore was gracioufly pleafed toprovide for us, or in our behalf, a Sponfor, or Surety ; By fò much Heb.7.22. wells Yefivs made a Surety of a better Covenant : As Chrift engaged to God for us, to fatisfie for our Sins, and tobring us into a StateofGrace, and Peace with God, and preferve us in that State to the end, and to give Security to the Cove- nant of Peace, which he is a Surety of he is call'd a Surety : And as he gives all good things, andDivine Bleffings to us, he is called a Yefator ; for a 7"efiator denotes one dying, making his Laß Will and 7éftarnent firm, and bequeathing Legacies to his Friends ; fame I know wouldnot have Chrift be a Suretyof that Covenant that was made betwixt God the Fa- ther and himfelf, (which they call the Cove- nant of Redemption) but of the Covenant of Grace made withus, butI know noground for fuch a diitin&ion (as I thall hereafter prove;) my Brethren, evident it is, that had not our Mediator engaged in this Covenant of Peace and Redemption for us, there had been no Covenant nor Peace for us at ail, becaufe all dependeth on. Chrift's Surctifhip, oron Chrift's Obligatioh to the Father- for us ; nor did God ever manifest more rich Grace to us, than he did in providing of fuch a Surety for Man. And hence God faith (freaking of the Cove- nant of Grace ;) My Mercy will I keep for himPf. 89.28, for ever, and my Covenant ¡hall (land fall. with him : I have laid help upon one that is mighty, I Pf. 89.8y have exalted one chofen out of the People ; one able to perform and do all his Pleajùre, one G 4 that