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86 Däfplav of eIog0uo Ow; Or) I. Shun what Surety doth import, or open this .Relation. II. Sheen why Chrift came under this Relation. . III. Shawwhat Chrif wa6 to do, and we were to receive ah Chr ift's our Surety. IV. Sheri how his Suretifhip differs from Sureti- 'hip among Hen, V. Apply it. What Sure- 1. A Surety is one that undertakes for others, tr/hrp datí' wherein they are defective, really, or in Repu import. f Y fide .I,r,Owen tation, in Latin, Sponfor ca f for; a Surety on Heb. c. is one that engages to make Satisfaction for 72. p.221. one, or more, ` or ingageth for others : Thus m Ruben became Surety to his Father acob, Gen. .hook,p.91. 4"3. 9 tobring Benjamin again and Paul for Onefimu.c, Philem. 18, 19. If he bath wronged thee, or brneth° thee ought, put that on mine _c- count; I Paul have written it with myown Hand, Imill. pay it : In this Senfe we take Chrift to he a Surety. (i .)it fgn.ifies likewife to give á Pledge,./fa. 36. 8. 2 ICings 18. 23. 3. (2.) to 'frike Hands, Prov. 22, 26. Thus Chr. ia. is our Surety, i. e. he firuck Hands with God for us in this Covenant. I fay, a;Surety is one that undertakes for one or more Perfons whofeCredit is gone, or is not good ; one not to be Trufeed, or whofe Faith- funef Or Ability -is fufpeaed. Now, my Brethren, when. Man had broken the Law of the-Ertl Covenant, his Credit was gone or loft forever; God would not enter into Covenant any more with him without a Surety, he knowing that Man's inability and Unfaith-