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EbeCallen= of 19eaeP Open.eti. 93 loft Sinners, Man being weak, and unable to kom.8.3. anfwer what both Law and Juftice required, in Heb. io. order to our Peace and Reconciliation wish 34'5)6+7- God : Whatfoever the Law exacted on us, he engaged andcondefcended to do as our Surety ; he promifed and flruck Hands to fatisfie What- foever the Law, I fay, could demand of God's Elect. See Heb. g, T 5. Rom. 3. 25. Heb. 1o. 5) 7. III. What was Chrift to do, and we receive by What vertue of htis Mediation andSuretifhip ? thrift a Firfl, Whatfoever Chrift as Mediator Cove- our Surety, panted with the Father to do, that, he con& ingaged to deredas the Surety of the faid Covenant enga- God to do. ged to perform. r . To vindicate the Honour of God in all the Perfections of his Nature, particularly to pre- ferve the Juftice and Veracity of God, and Sanctionof his Holy Law. 2. He engaged as the Surety of the Cove- nant, to reftore to Man, or to all God's Elect, that Righteoufnefs which Man loft, that as we were made Sinners by Adam's Difobedience, fo by his Obedience we fhould all be madç Righteous ; that as the Sin of the firft Adam was imputed to our Condemnation, fo his Righteoufnefs, as our Covenanting Head,might be imputed to all his Seed,andall this according to the Contrivance of God's Infinite Wifdom, and to anfwer the Defign, Purpofe, and Propofal of God the Father, in the Council of Peace. 3. And feeing Man was a Rebel, and in Arms againfl God, and filled with Rage and Madnefs,