Keach - Houston-Packer Collection BT155 .K4 1698

96 Zbe Dtíptap of ,b ioxtotto aee + Or, Mich.. 2. Subdue our Iniquities ; He will J fubdue our x9, 20. Iniquities, thou wilt call- all their Sins into the Depths of the Sea, thou wilt perform thy Truth to Jacob. 3. To f spport and fuccour ors under all Temp- tations, thus he hath promifed, and he is Faith- ful, therefore will do it, i Cor. i o. 13. No Temptationbath befallen you, but fitch that is com- mon to Men, and God is Faithful, who will not fufer you to be tempted above what you are able, &c. 4. To comfort us in all our Sorrows ; Iwill nit leave you Comfortlefs, &c. 5. To help us under ail our Alidions, Re- proaches, LoI es, and Perfecutions, all thefe areCovenant Bleíhngs, and therefore promi- fed tous. 6. To enable us to perform acceptably all HolyDuties; for without him we can do no- thing. 7. To makeus Fruitful, and fö to abide un- yob 15,16 to theend; Ihave chofenyou, and ordainedyou, that you go and bringforth Fruit, and that your Fruit fhould remain, the Righteous ¡hallHouri/h rfal. 92. like a Palm-tree : Thofe that are planted in the 12, 13. Houfe of the Lord, 'hall fiourifli in the Courts of our God, they fhall fill-bring forth .Fruit in Old 4:e, they'hail be fat and flourifhing. And all this God hath promifed to us by vertue of Chrift's undertaking asour Surety for us. For the Graceby which all this is done, was promifed firlt to Chrift 7, he is filled full of Grace, as our Head of Influence: Andhe' hath engaged to God for us to a&, and influence us