Keach - Houston-Packer Collection BT155 .K4 1698

Ebe ollemnt of peace Openeti, 95 for us ; for without Almighty Power this can- not be done ; He works all our Works in us and for us : Heengaged to fubdue Satan, and dive& him, that ftrong Man Armed of all his Power. In a word, Chrift as the Surety of this Co- venant, engaged toRenovate our Hearts, Re- generate our Souls, or toCreate the Image of God again in us ; And thatfromhù Funnels, we lob.1.16. fhould all receive Grace for Grace : And, indeed, to this endit pleatd theFather, that in himfhould Col.1.19. all Fullnefs dwell. 4. Jefas Chrift as our Surety, engaged to make good another Article in this Covenant, which was to preferve all his People ina State ofGrace, not only to bring us into a State of Grace, but to preferve us in the State, or to preferve Grace as a Vital Principle in our Souls. That as all thePromifes ofGod are made to us in Chrift, fo Chrift bath engaged that we should perfevere in Grace and Holinefs, and that we !hall never finallydepart from God any more ; He that bath begun a good Work in you, mill perform it to the Day of Chrif . It is not Paid, he will finish it, but he will perform it, which denotes his Covenant ; as when a Faithful Man hath engaged todo a piece of Work, we fay, he will perform it ; He flail bring forth Pudgy Phil. i.6. nient unto Ilielory. r. He will according to his Promife and Covenant, ftrengthen our Faith, and en- cre4fe it. 2. Subdue