Keach - Houston-Packer Collection BT155 .K4 1698

Cobenant of.pcaceOwn, z . His Aíl'iítance. 2. That he fhould have a Seed which he Ihould fee. 3. He promifed Eternal Glory to him, arid to all them in him. I. His Afli tance ; The Spirit of the Lord (hall Ifs. II.s refit neon him ; the Spirit of Wifdom, and Vnder- ftanding ; the Spirit of Counfel, and Might ; the Spirit of Knowledge, and of the Fear of the Lord. Behold my Servant that Iuphold, mine Elea in Ifäb42 i whommy Soul delighteth ; I have put my Spirit upon him : Well, and what hath Chrift enga- ged to do ? He (hall bring forth Yudgment to the Gentiles. A bruifed Reed (halt he not break ; and the serf, 3. fmoaking Flax [hall he not quench 'hail bring forth judgment unto Truth. I, the Lord; have called thee in Righteoufnefs, Verf 6 and will uphold thine Hand, and will keep thee, and give thee for a Covenant of the People, for a Light of the Gentiles That is, for the Surety of myCovenant. To open Blind Eyes, &c. He (hall feed in the Mich.5.4e Strength of the Lord, in the Alajefty of the Name of the Lordhi4 God : Chrift was to plead thefe Promifes ; He "halt cry unto me, Thou art my PJ89.264 Father, my Gód, and the Pock of my Galva- tion. II. God promifed him a Seed. z . A Numerous Seed ; As the Dew of the P(: i zo. o Morning in abundanceupon the Flowers andPlants fear not for I amwith thee, I Will bring thy Seed from the Eafl., andgather thee from the Weft. I