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too ebeDtfpfap of Oto#ou Glace z O J4.43. 5,6 I will fay to the North, Give up ; and to the South, Keep not back : Bring my Sons from a- far, and my Daughters from the Ends of the Earth. 2. A Perpetual Seed, or a Seed that íhall en-. pf89,234 dure for ever; Hbs Seed will Imakk to endure for ever, and his Throne a's the Days of Heaven . My Covenant will Inot break, &c. P.p. III. TheFather promifed him great Glory, faff. 2.8. and an Eternal Kingdom ; Ask of me, I will give thee the Heathen for thine Inheritance, and the uttermot parts ofthe Earth for thy Pofrefon; behold my Servant hefhall deal prudently, he (hail be exalted and extolled andmade very high- _- Ifa. 53.13. Iwill divide him a Portion with the Great, andhe ¡hall divide the Spoil with the Strong, becaufe he poured out his Soul unto Death. math. 28. All Power is given to me in Heavenand Earth. 18. HeAall flrike throughKings, in the Day ofhis Pf. i 1o. Wrath. Hek. But we fee Yefus, who was made a little lower 9, 10. than the Angels for the fufferingofDeath, Crown- ed with Glory and Honour And he íhall bring all his to Glory too : For it became him for whom are all things, and by whom are all things, in bringing many Sons to Glory, to make the Captain of their Salvation perfeé through Suf- ferings. As this was promifed by the Father to him, and to us in him, fo he as our Surety engaged to bring it topats, or tomake it good unto us Obje±. If ;7efws Chrifét entered into Bondsfor ors, and that by virtue of the Sanction of the Law off , Works, wzs obliged, co our Surety, tofiiffer for our xKi Jae