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zoz Zbe Difpiar of Otogougi Ogiee. or scripture See Mr. Clark's New Book ; but more of this jusáíficat. hereafter. IV. I (hall them that Chrift's Suretifhipgreat- ly differs from Suretifhip among Men. Hos) the i . A Surety among Men, is not of the Cre- o of fh rift ip ditor's but of the Debtor's procurement. Ch differsfrom But the Surety of the Covenant of Peace, that am©»g was of God's procurement, who is Man's Cre-` '?ßeá+. ditor, or rather offended Creator ; God as an A& of Infinite Wifdom, Love, and Mercy, foundhim ; .Ihave found a Ranfom. Moreover, the Father Chofe him, Called him, and Anoin- ted him to be the Mediator and Surety of this Covenant, as hath been fullyproved: There- fore it doth not follow, that fo foon as our Surety ftruck Hands,or juft whenhe laid down thePrice, all God's Ele& muft a&ually be ac- quited. For fhould a Creditor find a Surety for the Debtor, all muft confefs it is in his choicehow ind when the Debtor Ihould beaEually acquit- ed. Moreover,'tis evident,thatwe had no a&ual Exiflence whenChrift ftruck Hands for us ; be- fides, it was for fuck that he forefaw would fall under Sin, Wrath, and Condemnation, and Chrifi did not become a Surety to keep the Ele& from fallingunder Wrath, and the Sen- tence of Death, but torecover them out of that State ; Uglification prefuppofethwewereonce Chargedand Condemned. 2, A Surety and Debtor among Men, both enter into the fame Bond, and the Debtor is Jook'd. upon the principal Bondfman. But