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be Coi rnant ofpeace si, penal, But Chrift's Tingle Bond, in this Covenant, is accepted for all ; here is a Change of Per- Ions, God leaves out our Names, and puts in Chrift's Name, that the Debt, Satisfaction, and Curfemight fall upon him alone. See Dr.Good- ARook in- win : _Efe mays made Sin for us-------- ChriJb bath tituled, redeemedus from the Cafe of the Law, being made Chrig fet 2. a Colefor us ; be rows woundedfor our Yranfgref- .fòrth,p,' fions Andnow Jefus Chrift hereby puting ía1533G his Name unto this Bond, is become the prin- cipal Debtor, and is wholly obliged to pay, and fatisfie for all the Sins ofGod's Ele& ; his Sure- tifhipbath (wallowed up theoffending Debtors Obligation, to fatisfie Law and Jultice. Obje&. Doth it not then follow, we need not be concernedto keep or fulfil the Lary ? Anfm. We are not to be concerned to keep the Law to that endChrift kept it, i. e. not to be Juftified by it, for fo it is removed ; but the Moral Law, as a perfe& Rule of Righteouf- nefs, obligeth us to perpetual Obedience, it being fo unchangable a Law. 3. Among Men, when the Surety makes a full fatisfa&ion for Debtors, the faid Debtors cannot be faid to receive their Releafe, or Dif- charge, as an A&. of Grace and Favour, but as an A&of Juftice only. But Jefus Chrift, in the Covenant of Peace, makes full Satisfa&ion for us, andyet we re- ceive our Releafe and Difçharge as an At.t of Grace and Favour alone. I. In that God andnot we found the Surety., which wasanA& of his own Sovereign Grace,° hebeing wholly at Liberty, whether he would fave Man, orno.t. 4 So