Keach - Houston-Packer Collection BT155 .K4 1698

&aenant of peace Openeta IO 6. Becaufe Chrift became our Surety, from . whom he could expe& no after Recompence, or Satisfaction for that vaft Sum he laid down for us, he never expe&ed any Recompence fromus for theDebt paid. }7. Becaufe we are not only pardoned, and have Peace, but by Chrift's Undertaking, are raifed to great Honour : And O what Grace, Love, and Divine Goodnefs ishere ! V s E. i Admiration. What bathGod done ? donefor us ? What Love is this? . Chrift knewbefore he becameour Surety, that the whole Payment would fall upon him, and yet ítruck Hands. a, O ! what Exemption. and Difcharge have we hereby from theLaw and JufLice of God ? The Law, as our Husband, is dead, and we dead to that; that Cruel Husbandhas no more Power overus, though as a Law, or Rule of Righteoufnefs, it 1ä1l commands us, yet it can- not Kill us, Curfe us, nor Condemn us to Eternal Burning. 3. Biefs God for Jefus Chrift our Surety : What a fweet Covenant is this, 'that we are brought into ? How fureareall CovenantMer- cies ? What Riches, Glory and Power is in Chrift the Mediator? As thou haft given him oh.17.10 Power over all Flefh, that he fhouldgive Eternal Life to as many as thou haft givenhim. We areQh: io.2v in Chril's Hand, and none can pluck us ) put 4. We