Keach - Houston-Packer Collection BT155 .K4 1698

106 ebt, Vtfplapof 010ougi "ace: Or, 4. We fhall for ever abide in this Cove- nant ; Our Suretybath engaged tokeep us, that we Ihall never break Covenant with God any more, fo as to lofe our Inheritance. 5. How eafie hath God made the Terms of Peace as to us, fince Chrift is obliged towork all ourWorks in us,as well as for us ? Comfort to Il. What Good News ishere for brokenSin- Sinners, ners, who lie Condemned by the Covenant of Works ? O fue out your Pardon, by taking hold of Chrift. III. Reproof. How doth this again tend to reprove fuch that turn the Gofpel-Covenant, or Covenant of Peace, into a Law, with the Sanaion of Rewards for Obedience, and Threatnings for Difobedience ; denying that Chrift flood in our Law-place, to do and fuf- fer for us, or to keep the Law of perfe& Righteoufnefs, in point of Jultification, and to die inour ftead? Whywill Men nand upon their own Legs ? -ProudMan would fain live of himfelf, or have whereof to Glory, but not before God, or in Chrift Jefus; he would have God take his. Copper, and refufe his own molt pure Gold. Why will they feek Relief other ways than by the Surety and Mediator of the Co- venant ? Can our Imperfea Righteoufnefs, or Sin- ful Duties juflifie us at God's Bar ? Will they dare to plead it at Death. 1V.