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...--- ^...-......--». Ebe Cobenant of Peace Openetr+ Covenant andTeftament, but theFather's Will and Covenant alfo Hence the Teftament is called, The Revelationof Nils Chrift, which. God .kev. i, z; gave unto him ; that is, a Mediator : Yet Chrift is the Teftator, or he that is to difpofe of all thofe rich Legacies which the Father by him, as Mediator, defigned to bellow on all his Ele&, it is called his Covenant, Teftament, or Laft Will. And now, fnce the New Covenant was to come under this Character, viz,. Chrift's Laft Will andTeftament ; there was a Neceff Pity ( for many other Reafons) that the Co- venant fhould be Confirmed and Ratified by his Death iinagiggalux The Greek Word 1cey to0. is d}aeigtve Diathemenos, 17111 Berith. A pen Scrip- Teftament is the Sentence, or Declaration titre Meta- of our la{t Will of what we would have done phors, Book after our Death ; now this Teftament contains 2.p.119. all the Bleflings, Grants, and Priviledges a- greed untoand given toChrift, as Mediator of the Covenant of Peace, and more properly it denotes Chrift's giving them forth as one Dy- ing, to confirm the Covenant. 1. A Teftator lignifies a Difpofer ; one ckrïft the that makes his Lail Will and Teftament, who Tefiator of bath Goods tobeftow,and Perfons to give them the New Covenant. unto. a. It denotes, that a Dying Perfon, who to confirm his Will and Teftament ; there is a Neceffity of his Death, and thus Chrift as a 'Teftator, died by virtue of thofe Covenant Tranfa&ions betwixt God the Father andhim- felf on the behalf of God's Ele& ; Where a 7ef4-