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I it) EbyOWpIIp Af Q3'1OftOUO Opice: Or, then the Oath of God paffed to oúr Lord Jefus Chrift, and to us in him alfo ; and now this Promife and Oathof God to Christi gives not only Solemnity, but alfo firm and fure Stabili. ty to this Covenant. (t .) Headded his Oath tohis Promife (faith our late Annotator on the Holy Bible) to make, Tool's An- natations and prove it tobe Immutable : Hehce Christ, on Pfal. it is faid, was made a Prieft by an Oath, not 89.35. after the Order of Aaron: _. -- -- Heb.7.20, (S) But after the Order of Melchifedeck. ( .,This Oath is faid tobe fwornonce,which Word and Phrafe (faith he) implies the Compleat- nefs, Certainty, and Irrevocablenefs of the thing. (3.) God fwore by his Holinefs ; What is more Sacred ? By whichGod is feldom known to fpeak, or to fwear; therefore nothing can more fully confirm this Covenant to Chris,, and to us in him. (4.) JefusChrift then confirmed alfa theCo- venant on his part ; on our behalf, by his put- tinghis Hand in our stead, and toRand in our Law-place for us, as you have heard : This, my Brethren, was more than a bare Signing and Sealing the Covenant of Peace. But II. There is yet a farther Ratification, and Confirmationof the Covenant of Peace, as al- fo there is among Men. The Cove, 1. It was agreed betwixt God the Father, Want ratif- and the Son as Mediator, that this Covenant e1 by the could come under another Acceptation, i. e: Death o f p ' Chrlf}. as the Lail- Will and Teftament of fefus Chrifi True, it was not only Christ's Will, or Christ's Covenant