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EbeCotenant ofPeace OptncL I. We were fold under Sin, and were in bondage to the Law and Juifice of God. 2. There was a treating about the Price of our Redemption, and the Terms were agreed to, which was, That Chrift mutt die ; Foraf- á;ret.z.a3 much co ye know that ye were not ROileemed with corruptible things, cvs Silver and Gold, &c. but with'the Precious Flood ofChriff --.Who verily wa's fore-ordained before the Foundation of the World ; or was delivered up according to the Compact, or Refult in the Covenant of Peace, (toRedeem us fromWrath and Hell,) held in Eternity between the Father and himfelf. 3. The Time alfowhen this should be done, was alfo then agreed on ; that is, whenChriff fhoulddie ; But when the fullnefs of Time came, dd. 4,4,; God fent forth his own Son in the likenefs of-finsl .Flesh To Redeem them that were under the Law, &ç. IV. The Death of Chriff was that Price by which all Grace is purchafed for us for tho we have all Covenant Grants, and Bleffings freely given to us, or merely of God's Free Grace, yet Faith, a NewHeart, Regeneration, Re- pentance, Pardon, and Peace, and all other Grace, and Biefhngs here, andGlory hereafter were all purchafed for us by the Death of Chrifl ; for as you heard Chriff did more than pay our Debts. V. Chrìft's Death -was the Pacifying, or AtoneingSacrifice, his Precious Blood quench ed the Fire of God's Wrath, and fo it is the only way by which we come to be delivered from Hell : Our ;Yonah was cäíí overboard to I 2 make II.5