Keach - Houston-Packer Collection BT155 .K4 1698

116 Ebc7Difpiap of Oioliotioewe: Ur, Make a Calm, and caufed the Storm of Divine Vengeance to ceafe. VI. And more direaly to our prefent Pur- pofe ; I fay again, the Death of Chrift was to ratifie and confirm theCovenent. VII. Moreover, the Deathof Chrift wasnot only to confirm the Covenant of Peace it felf, but to confirmall CovenantGrants, Covenant Bleffings, and Covenant Promifes alfo ; for had not theTefiator died, none could fue for any Legacy thereinbequeathed to them. Furthermore,alfo the Holy Ghoft is appointed to be the Executioner of this Covenant; or, of the Lail Will andTeftamentof our Lord Jefus Heb.9.14, Chrift : How much morefhall the Blood of Chrift, who through the Eternal Spirit offered himfelf to God ; Purgeyour Confciences from Dead Works, to f rve the true livingGod. It is the fame Spirit ofJefus that offeredup hisBody,that applies his Blood, and makes it efficacious to us, and alto puts us into the Pofrefiion of the Inheritance purchafed for us. And for this Cauf he is the Mediator of the New Yeflament, that by means of Death, that They which are called, might receive the Promife of the Eternal Inheritance ; That is, through his In- terceffìon,and the Agency of the HolySpirit,the Effets of his Sacrifice might become effe cal to all the Elea, viz,. to their Jultificatiom, Vocation,Sanctification, and Glorification. If the Will of Man had been left, or fubfti- tuted to be the Executioner of drift's Lail Will and Teltament, not one Soul might have beery faved or if otherwife, yet all the Glory would