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ttbe Cotenant of peace Own. 117 damix.. would not have then redown'd to Jefas Chrift, but one great part thereof to the Crea- ture. But thus it is not left, 'ris not of him that wit- letb, nor ofhim that runneth : No, no, it is whol- ly committed to the Bleffed Agency of the Holy Ghoft ; who cloth, and mull bow, and bend the Will of Man unto God : But more of this hereafter. My Brethren, It is very remarkable what Knowledge 'bale of the Ancient :yews had of the A/AAA Rabbi Hadars, (as I find him quoted by a charnock. Worthy Divine) fpeaks thus, viz. God treat- ing with theMeffiab,faid, 'Righteous Meffiab, Thofewho are hid in thee, are, whofe Sins in time fhall bring thee to Grief; thy 4 Ears Ihall hear Reproaches, thy Tongue cleave to the Roof of thy Mouth, thou fhalt be weariedwith Sorrows. The MeSiab anfwered ; LordoftheWorld, I joyfully take them upon me, and Charge my felf with their Torment, but upon this Con- dition that thou fhalt quicken the Dead ; God, faith this ./?abbi granted him this, and from that time the Meffiab charged. hirnfelf with all kinds of Torments. T.? E, I.From hence we may infer what horrid Evil there is inUnbeliefor the Shamefulnefs ofUn- belief, and0what Ignorance there is in Men, of this Covenant Agreement; God is pacified. I 3 POT