Keach - Houston-Packer Collection BT155 .K4 1698

12,8 Ebe Difpiapof ïontotto ewe: Or, mongers, or Adulterers, Idolaters, Effeminate Perfons, Abufers of themfelves with Mankind, gob. 3.16. Proud Perfons, Covetous Backfliders, Thieves, Extortioners; Malicious Perfons, Murtherers; R 1J.22.17 Back-biters, Blafphemers, Sorcerers, ye all man- ner ofSinners have Free Pardonoffered to their upon their coming in, and laying hold of Je- lob.6.36. fus Chrift ; and none are excepted but fuch who have finned againft the Holy Ghost. V S E. I; .Blef God for the Gofpel, that ever this Proclamation came to your Ears; Peace is proclaimed to you this Day, to you Sinners ! What do you fay ? Do you refolve to throw down your Arms and come in ?` 'Tis no mat- ter what kind ofRebbels you havebeen : Here's a Pardon for all Sins and Blafhemy (in this Proclamation) committed againft the Father and Son andbut one fort of Sinners are excluded, and but one Sin, i. e. the Sin againft the Holy Ghofl. Is not this Good News ? Do you believe it ? And is it in your Hearts to take hold of the Promifes of the Gofpel ? What Anfwer íhall I return to him that feat me. II. This informs as of the Neceíhty of Re- vealed Religion, I mean of the Gofpel ; for w ithout this Proclamation had been publifhed, the way of Peace could not be known, or without fuch a way of Revelation. r . For the Moral Law written in the two Tables, reveals nothingof this Peace made by jefus ChM. 2 'The