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ebe QLobennnt 0119race Opcncv. But in theNew Teftament Times more fully and clearer then ever ; before it was hid, as it were, but the Vifion is now opened, andhid- denthings, things long kept fecret, are plainly revealed; We beholdwith open Face : Many Pro 2 cor. 3. phets, and Kings, defiredto fee andhearwhat I8' we fee and hear, but faw, and heard them not. 3. A Proclamation dothnot ufually contain the Sumof all the Articles of Peace, nor give an Account of all the Gifts, Grants, Bleffings, and Priviledges thereof. But this Proclamati- on, i, e, the (ofpel doth publiíh and make known to all thb World, the Summ of all the Articles of this covenant of Peace ; ogether with all the great Gifts, Grants, Blengs, and Priviledges thereof : In the Gofpel we readof theCouncil, Compa&r, and Eternal Purpofe of God, concerning of all thofe Covenant Tranf- aaions that were betwixt. the Father and the Son fromEternity, whichwer7f hid, or kept fecret until this Proclamation came forth. q.. A Proclamationof Peace loth not parti- cularly give an account of all the horridCrimes and Offenders that areby virtue thereof, free- ly pardoned upon their coming in ; for filch a Proclamation is rather put out by a Prince to reclaim Stubborn Rebbels, in which their Names are inferted ; bút this Proclamation, i.e, the Gofpel, proclaims Free Pardonfor all man- ner of Sins, Iniquities, and fanfgrefons and to all the vileft Traitors, Enemies and Rebbels againft5 the Eternal God ; as to all Swearers, Lyars, Drunkards, Harlots, Whore- °' I. mongers, r27