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be Jobenant ofpeace Openeti. 2. The Second I have been force time upon, i. e. the Covenant Ttanfac`tions. I. I Ihewed you there was a treating about it between the Father and the Son, as ourHead and Reprefentative; before the World be- gan. II. That the Terms of our Peace were then by them both agreedon, and that Jefus Chriff was chofen Mediator and Surety of the Cove- nant III. That this Covenant is confirmed. IV. And that it is Proclaimed. Here I told you that I fhould do four Things. 1. Shewyou what the Proclamation is ; this we did the lap. .Day. 2. Shew you who are the Arnbaf"adors of Peace. 3. Open the Nature of the Proclamation. q. Shen' you upon what TermsPeace vs offered, or proclaimed. To proceed. Secondly, My Bufinefs isto 'hew you nowwho they are that God bath appointed, imflowered, or authorized to be the Ambafradors of hi's Peace. I. The Great and Chief Ambaffador of this Peace, is the Lord Jefas Chrift ; and from hence he is called the Meff'enger of the Cove- nant ; The Lord whom ye f `k, fháll fuddenly 1v1ä1.3, come to his Temple, even the illeffc-ver of the Covenant. All Expofitors agree, that this is meant of Chrift ; yea, (as one obferves) both ,chrif`ian and yervifh Interpreters ; and thefare .irk of the Author alfo flews from the Hebrew, that a Cev.p.328' K z Meflènger 131