Keach - Houston-Packer Collection BT155 .K4 1698

132 f cDtíp!ap of 1ogouo ewe Or, s 1ngs Meffenger fignifies an AmbafJador, tM'7,t110 16. 7. t> MefTengers, i. e. Ambairadors of Peace. My II' 4' Brethren, I fhew,d you, that Jefus Chrift confidered as Mediator, was our great Plenipo- tentiary, reprefenting us, and treating with Zech.6. z3 God for us, in that Council ofPeace held betwixt themboth. z. He was authorized and approved of by the Father, to Treat about it, and Conclude the Peace upon fuch Terms that the Father joh.17.2. propofed to him onour behalf ; As thou haft given himpower over all Fief?), that hefhouldgive Eternal Life to as many as thou haft given him Prov.8.23 Jr was fit up fromEverlaftinb, &c. 2. He only was able to make our Peace, not only capable to treat about it, but as the Grand .Ambaffador, to anfwer all the Juft De- mands of the Holy and abufed Majefty of Hea- ven, in order finally to conclude it. 3. Hewas fent from Heaven to Earth, aau- ally to do this ; and from thence, as I conceive, he bears the Name or Title of Meffenger, or Ambafrador. My Brethren, Chrift as Media- 5áh. 3.16. tor, was fent by the Father; The Father that font me, ù with me: God fo loved the World, that he f nt his only Begotten Son. 4. He was the firft that Publifhedor Preach.- ed the Gofpel of Peace, Which at firs began to be fpoken by the Lord, &c. Ï irft, As to the full and clear Promulgation of it ; fame con- ceive this may refer to his publifhing of it to our ff Parents after the Fall ; yet I rather conclude, it refers to his Miniftry in his own Perfon, whofe Do&rine was confirmed with Signs