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Cannant of PF'aCe OpeneD+ 137 and faithful Miniifer ; he is one that Chriff confers great Dignity and Honour upon, tho many of Chrift's trueMiniffers have but little Honour from Men, nor are they accounted Honourable Ones by the World, but they are notwithftanding, Stars in Chrift's Right Hand, and are called Angels of the Churches. Yet what faithPaul ? You feeyour calling, Brethren, t Cor. I. bow that not many Wife Men after the Fle(h, not 26: 27. manyMighty, not many Noble are called : But God bath chofen the Foolifh things, &c. and bate things of the World, and things defpifed : That is, Perfons of noEffeem in the Eyes of the World, yet they reprefent Chrift's Perfon, which is no (mall Dignity. IV. Some Ambaflàdors are Ambaflàdours of Peace, to perfwade Enemies to accept of Terms of Peace, and to laydown their Arms, &c. The Miniffers of Chriff are Ambaffadárs of Peace, not to reconcile God to Men, but Men to God ; Now then weare Ambafradorsfor 2 Cor. . Chrift, as tho God did befeech you by us, we pray'. you,, in Chrift's Read, be ye reconciled to God. Man naturally is in a State of Enmity againft .God-; and this way, through the-W-orkings of the Holy Spirit by the Word, theycoMe to be reconciled untoGod. V. An Ambaflador of Peace is a Joyful Meífenger, fo are the true Minifters of Jefus Chriff : How beautiful upon the Mountains, are lfa. x.70 the Feet of him that bringeth good Tidings, that publifheth Peace, that bringeth good Tydings of Good, that publifheth Salvation, &c. T. An Ambaflàdor is a welcome Mellinger, if