Keach - Houston-Packer Collection BT155 .K4 1698

.: I38 j Dífpïap of elo4ouo ticc:Or, if he comes with Tidings of Peace from a for- midable andpowerful Prince, whofe Arms are irrefiftable, or whofe force is unconquerable, and hash alfo been juftly incenfed, enraged, and ftirred up to Wrath. My Brethren, the Confideration of this renders the AmbafTadors of Chrift, most Joyful and Welcome Mefren- gers, where they come and proclaim Peace, becaufe the great God is an irrefiftable Enemy, Who is a Match for him ? And he is alfo juftly incenfed and ftirred up to Wrath, by all Neb. 1.2. Ungodly Perfons : God is jealous, and the Lord revengeth, the Lord revengeth and is furious, the Verf. 5. Lord will take Vengeance on his Adverfaries, and he referveth Wrath for his Enemies The .Mountains quake at him, the Hills melt, and the Earth is burnt at his Prefence, the World, and all Verf 6. that dwell therein: Who canrand before his Indig- nation? And who can abide the fiercenefs of his Anger ? He is an amazing \Varriour, he can Pfal.24.8. (hake the Heavens by his Voice, And caufe the Mountains to tremble beforehim ; with God is ter- rible Majefly, he is the Lord mighty in Batted: He caufeth the Earth to fear, and the Inhabitants thereof to melt away, fo that the Men ofmight cannot find their Hands : He can make Empe- rors as Stubble to his low, and mighty Kings as Chaff before the Whirlwind : He makes Beelzebub, with his Black Guards, to quiver and fly into Darknefs to hide themfelves : He cuts o: the Spirit of Princes, and Triumphs over the greateff and proudest Monarchs : Alexander, Pompey, Cecfar, and Tam lain, have all yielded to this Invincible Conqueror and.