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Ebe Cobennnt of Prue 0mM+, 141 is a Cure on too hard Terms ? Sirs, the Spirit will caufe you to vomit up that Poyfon that you have taken down ; But is that toohard to fave the Life of your Immortal Souls? Is it liard to tell a Man he muff give up the Tray- tor he has harboured in his Houle? If he would have the King's Pardon, or poEfs that Peace purchafed by the Blood of his own Dear Son. VI.That Love and Refpe& People Phew to an Ambaßàdor, a Prince looks upon, as íhewed to hi.mfelf, becaufe the Ambaflador reprefents his Perfon, and that Contempt which is (hew- ed to his Ambafiador, he takes as calf onhim- felf. So Jefus Chrift takes the Honour, Love, and. Refpeec which is (hewed to his Faithful Mini- fters, as if it was (hewed to him, and the fame Difhonour done to them, as if it was done to himfelf; He that heareth you,' heareth me; and Luk. ao, i6 he that dcfifth you defpifeth me. VII. An Ambaflàdor is todo his uttermoft,in . order to accomplifh his Ainbaf í, and to bring the King's Enemies to accept of Peace. So are Chrift's Minifers, they area to pray, to intreat, to befeech Sinners to be reconciled toGod ; Pre pray you in Chrift s ffead, &c. haul 2 Cor. 5. befought them with Tears, Faithful Miniflers 20. arewilling to fpend their Lives to win Souls to Chrift, yea, to die upon the spot to lave one poor Sinner ; Knoi in the Terror of the Lord, 2 Cor. 5. we perfwade men. Our Great °Mafter thought not his Blood too dear to make. our Peace, and ihall Minifters think their Strength, their Lives,