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z5z '4cDifplap of Nogotto ewe t Or, the Reftoration of loft Sinners before the Col.Y.26. World began ; the Gofpel reveals thofe M1l yfte- ries that were hid from Ages and Generations : .lóm. zó. It is called, The Revelation ofthe Myfteries which 25. were kept fecret ftnce the World began : Not o.n- Iy'that Myftery that the Gentiles thould be Fel- low Heirs of the Inheritance, but the Myftery of the Covenant, Purpofe, and Defignof God ; and alfo ofthe Incarnation, Life,Death, Refur re±ion, Afcention, and Interceflion of Jefus ChrilL. I fay, it contains the Revelation of theMyfteryof thefe things," and not only the Hiftory of them. I. It reveals that Infinite Love, Mercy, Grace, and GoodnefsofGod to loft and undOne Sinners, which aflonitheth the ve- E°pb.3 io, ry Angels of God to behold ; 7'o make allMen fee what is the Fellowfhip of the Myftery, which from the beginning of the World bath been hid in God, who created all things by 3"efis Chrift : To the intent, that now unto the Principalities gd Powers in Heavenlyplaces, might be known by the Church, the manifold Wifdom of God, TheGood Angels are not Teachers of thefe Myfteries, but Learners and Admirers of them ; the Go- fpel is to them as a Mirror; or Looking-glaf`s, to behold and contemplate the Divine Wif slon1 of God in every appearance of it, but e- fpecially in this the laft and great Revelation thereof. II. It reveals the great Loveof God the Fa- ob. 4.9. ther. In this mail manifefted the Love of God to- wards us, becaufe that God Pent his only begotten Son, that we might live through him : That he might