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fElje (sColaenant ofpramOpen.eti. ICI SERMON VII. Shewing the Nature of the Proclamati- on of the Gofpel, and the Terms thereof. T S A. Liv. x. Neither fall the covenant of my Peace be removed, faith the Lord that hachmercy on Do&. T HAT there is a Covenant ofPeace, made or agreed on, andfl-andsfirm in the behalf of all God's Ele(t. 'We 'hewed you that this Peace is proclaimed. I . What the Proclamation is ? 2. Who the Ambafadors are that Chrifl loath appointed to proclaim it. I íhall now proceed to the next thing under this Head. 3. I fh.all open the Nature of this Proclamati- on. And then, q.. Sheen you the Terms upon which Peace is of.. feted. Would you knowwhat is contained in this Proclamation ? 1)Q Ara Firfl., Then know it contains a clear and cure of the full Declarationof all thole Covenant Tranf- 6'ofpèl anions between the Father and the Son, about Proclama< L 4 the iron opened