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ti I 56 Vic DOW) of cli5Totíotto ewe t Or, Chrift gives the Sinner Grace that he may be reconciled unto God, as God in him is reati- 2 Cor. 5. ciled : See Paul's Word, And all things are of 18. God, who bath reconciled as unto himfelfby Yefus Chrift, and bath given to us the Miniftry of Re- conciliation, verf. t 8. to wit, that God was in Chrift, reconciling the World to himfelf ; not im- puting their Trefpaffes unto them, and bath com- mitted to us the Word of Reconciliation, verf. 19, Now then we are Ambafradors for Chrift, as tho God did befeechyou by us, we pray you in Chrift's Read be ye reconciled unto God : God, by the Bloodof his Son, was reconciled to us, (that being the Meritorious Price, or Atoning Sacri- fice) and by the Spirit his Blood is aaually ap- plied and made effetual, or efficacious untous, to our Reconciliation to God ; We pray you be ye reconciled, &c. that is wepray you to receive the Atonement Chrift hath made, or believe the. RecordGodhath given of his Son ; i, e. be- lieve there is Life in him, that God is fatisfied in him, and reconciled in him : if this, my Brethren, be not theNature of the Gofpel, or of this Blefl'edProclamation, I profefs, I know not what it is. II. And as Peace is Univerfally to be pro- claimed to all Nations, or in all Parts of the World, whither God, by his Providence, is pleafed to fend the Gofpel. it is to be So alfo, in refpea to all forts of Sins., and proclaimed Sinners, i. e. Pardon is proclaimed of all kind to allfort of Sins and free For ivenefs and Peace in ofSinners. Chrifl=, is offered to all manner ofSinners, Re- bels, and Traitors to God, whatfoever they are9