Keach - Houston-Packer Collection BT155 .K4 1698

e ¢o tenant of peace Openeti, 157 are, not one Sin excepted, fave only, the Sin againfb the Holy Ghoft ; in forceProclamations, or Aas of Indemnity, many Crimes are ex- cepted, as Murther, High-Treafon, Felony, and the like, but it is not fo here ; for whofoever they are, tho never filch horrid Blafphemers, haters of God, Traytors to him, and Rebels againít him, if they come in, and accept of Peace, andlayholdof the King's Grace, hum- bly believing in Jefus Chrift,or throwing them- felves at his Feet, all their Treafons, Mothers, Felonies, Blafphemy, Adultery, Drunkennefs, Swearing, Idolatry, Herefte, Sodony, Inceft, Bug- gery, Covetoufizefs, Lying, Thieving, Back-bit- ing, Cheating, Backfliding, or whatever elfe they have done, all íhall be forgiven, forgot- ten, and pafl'ed by for ever, as I told you be- fore ; yea, tho they have done all the evil things as they could, Will he refrvehis Anger Jer,3. fr ever, will he keep it to the end; beholdthouhaft fpoken and done evil things ass thou couldeft : Tho this People had committed Adultery, Idola- try, and had rejehed the True God, and wor Ihipped Idols, and dealt molt treacheroúffy with the God of Heaven and Earth; yet fee what the Lord Pays; Goand proclaim thefe Words yerf. Tim towards the North, and fay, Return thou Back- fliding If-ael, faith the Lord : That is, Believe, plead your Pardon in and by the Blood of my Son, and 'will not caufe mine Anger to fall upon you, , for I am merciful, faith the Lord, and I roil not keep Anger for ever : God out of Chrift, is a confuming Fire, but in him a reconciled God ; only acknowledge thine Iniquity. What