Keach - Houston-Packer Collection BT155 .K4 1698

The ,TABLE. (6.) Shewing on what Terms Peace is of- fered to Sinners, p.164,165,166. The Application, p.167. S E R M. VIII. 1. Shewing the Date of the Covenant, or when it did commence, p.170,171. 2. And who comprehended in it. 3. The third general Head of Difcourfe, viz. The Nature of the Covenant opened. I. Proving it is the Covenant of Grace, as well as of Redemption, p.172,173. (I .) In it felf. (2.) In oppofition to the Co- venant of Works, P.1757176. The difference between the Covenant of Grace, and Covenant of Works, opened in 9 Particulars, p.177, to 182. II. 'Tisan abfoluteCovenant, (hewed in 5 Things, p.182, to 185.. S E R M IX. III. 'Tis a well ordered Covenant, !hewed in 5 Things, p.19x,191. IV. 'Tis a Glorious Covenant, !hewed in 6 Things, p.192 1 93,1 9q.. V. 'Tis a full Covenant, !hewe in io Things, p.194, to. 198, VI. 'Tis a feafonable Covenant, !hewed in 3 Things, P.198. (1.) As to the time when provided, before Man finned. (2.) As to the firft revelation of it. (3.) As to the time of the applicati- onofthe Balm ofit to a Convi&ed, or Woun- ded Sinner, p 1 8,199. VII. 'Tie