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xii The TABLE. BERM. VI. Who the Ambaffadors of Peace are, viz. (i .) Chrift himfeif the Chief. (hewed in 6Par- ticulars, p.131,132,í3, Chrift excellently qualified for an Ambaffa- dor, (hewed in 6 Particulars, p.134, (a.) Chrift'sMinifters arc SubordinateAm- baffadors ; Six forts of Preachers are none of Chrift's Ambaffadors, p.13 51 136. Proving Chrift's Minifters are his Ambafra- dors, and what their Work is, opened in i 1 Particulars, p. 135. to 144. Ambaffadors when welcome, (hewed in 4 Refpehs, p. i 37. to 140, The Application, P. r46,&c. SERM:. VII. The Natureofthe Gofpel, or Proclamation of Peace, r i. 1. What it declares, (hewed in fiveParti- culars 2. What it proclaims, viz.. Peace and good News by Jefus Chrift, God in him being Re -, conciled, P.155. 3. To be proclaimed to all Nations, p.156. 4. Free Pardon for all Sins fave that againiï the Holy Ghoff, p.157. 5. A. Univerfal Proclamation. An Objection, Did not Chrift die for all, largely anfwered, p.158,159,&c. Chrift noConditional Redeemer,p.160,161 Why the 'Proclamation runs fo Univerfal, p.164. (6.) Shew-