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172 _ \ r be Dtfpla' of01Motto c$2aCC * Ors 'Thirdly., My Bufinefs and Work is now to open the Natureof theCovenant of Peace. . 1. I(hall, God afffling, (hemyou what akind of Covenant it is, or explain the Properties of it. 2. Apply it. The Cove. L TheCovenant of Peace, is theCovenant nant of of Grace : But prayobferve, that the Cove- Peace, is nant of Peace may be confidered as twofold, or the Cove- nant of a mixt Covenant. Grace. t . As it refers to Chrift, or tohis part, and Work therein ; and as thus it was a Conditio- nal Covenant, receives all for us, whol- ly upon the account of his own Defert, or Merits. 2. But whatfoever we receive by virtue of this Covenant, it is wholly in a way of Free Grace and Favour, through his Merits, or through that Redemption we have by his Blood : But take it either ways, 'tis of Grace. Fir(l, As to the Rife, Spring, or Efficient Caufe thereof, it was God's Infinite Love, and Free Grace to his Elea : This moved the Fa- to fend his Son to be our Mediator, and to accept of him as our Surety, to do, and fuffer for us, and inour Read. I have before (hewed, God was no more obliged to enter into a Co- venant of Peace with Chrift for us, or any of Adam's Of-fpring, than he was to reconcile himfelf to the FallenAngels, for.iey were his Creatures, and more glorious in their firft Creation than Mankind were. The Surety of the Covenant was alone of God's finding, he doh 33.2. procuredhim ; He bath devifid means that htis Banfh.ed