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Zbe CoIJCItant of peace OpcneD, 175 Ban fliedmight notfor ever be expelledfrom him; 2 sam. For the Lord bath ranfomed Jacob, and he Pent '4* 14 j Jefus : What could be an Aa of higher, or er.3LI i. greater Grace and Favour, than for God to vouchfafe, or provide filch a Mediator and Surety for his Enemies ? One fo Great, Glo- rious, Worthy, and Able, and one fo willing to undertake to make our Peace, andbring us again home to God. Secondly, And then as to us, this Covenant God entered into withChrift for us mutt needs beof God's Free Grace : For as I have before hinted, I. It was not of Conftraint, I mean, there was no Neceflity laid on God, or Jefus Chrift thus toLove, Redeem, and Save us in refpe& of Motive ; there was nothing in Man I fay, that could move the Affeddions of God thus to do ; and much lefs was there any thing in us,in refpea of Merit ; we deferved no fuch Love, either abfolutely, or comparatively, becaufe we were not only undeferving, but an ill-de- ferving ; nay, Hell deferving Creatures, being Rebels to God, Vile, Contemptible, andBafe Creatures, even as loathfome as filthy Worms : What is Man, that thou art mindful of him ? Sob. 7. What is his Deformity, his Polution, his Fil- thiriefs ? And O ! What Curfed Enmity was there in our Carnal Mind ? Yea, how much /em.8.7® like to theDevil werewe byNature ? II. In that God bath manifefted his Love and Mercy to fo many, this (hews his Infinite Grace tous-ward. Objeaq