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178 Dffpiap of iogottO'mcc + Or, of, which are better Promifes, but alfo in re- gard of the Oath of God, which renders this Covenant firm, together with Chrift's Abili- ty, and Faithfulnefs to perform all theCon- ditions thereof, and it being a full and free Covenant, and alfo ratio d by the Death of Chrift. III. The Covenant of Works wasa Conditi onal Covenant, as made withAdam : It was made upon mutual Reftipulation between God and hiin . and in the fecond Addition of the faid Covenant to thewhole HoufeofIfrael,God promifed them, that upon their keeping this Exod.19 Covenant of perfe& Obedience, he would be 5' 6 their God, and they should bè his People, Thou fhalt haveno other Gods before me ;and ifthou keep my Laws., and obey my Voice, then thou Malt be a peculiar People unto me. And this alfo they - Deut5.271Llndertook, Promifed, and Covenanted to to do ; All that the Lord our God fpeak unto thee, we will hear it, and do it. But what faith the Lord to them ? O that there was filch an Heart in them ! He knewwell their' great Inability and Averfenefs todo whatfoever he required. * .I repeat But the Covenant of Grace is an abfolute this often Covenantas to us as I have and Ihall further becaufe I mould thew you by and by #. have itfa- IV. The Covenant of Works, tho it requi- flened on red perfeft Obedience, Perfonally to be per- the mindofformed by the Creature ; yet it gave no theReader Itrength to perform what it commanded. t . But its the Covenant of Peace whatfoever God's Law required of us toour Juftification in. his Sight, Chriftcovenanted and performed it for