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VieCvlarttant of Peace Opdfi£D. . table Covenant, or on filch Conditions that might; ormight not be performed. Secondly, I !hall !hew y`ou, that the Cove- The great pant ofPeace,is the Covenant ofGrace as corn- dilerence pared with, or in oppofition to the Covenant etrvixt of Works: My. purpofe herein is to Phew you ánt °G e' the vaft difference betwixt the Covenant of torts ,j Grace, and the Covenant of Works. the Cover I. The Covenant of Works was made with rant °} Man, or betwixt God and the ftrft Adam : Grace °- Adamwas fet ízp as the commonHead, or Re prefentative of all his Seed, and he was obli- ged to perform all the Conditions in his own Perfon in that Covenant. But the Covenant of Grace primarily was made withOur Lord Jefils Chrift, or betwixt God the Father, and God the Son as Media- tor in the Name and behalf of all God's ITT led, he being fet up from Everlafting, as their Covenanting Head. II. TheCovenant of Workswas madewith Man, without a Surety ; Adam, in his own Perfon, for himfelf, and for all his Seed, being ,obliged to performperfe& Obedience, or live and fin not; yet had he none to engage toGod, or to undertake for hire that he fhould thusdo But the Covenant ofGrace and Reconciliation was Made folely upon the Vndertaking or Suretifhip of our Lord Jefus Chrift ; true, he wasobliged toperform perfe& Obedience to the fine Ho- ly Law of God, which Adam (and we in him) was required to do ; yet it is faid, That Chriff was made a Surety of, a better Covenant ;' and He&,7. 2;: that not only in refpe&of the Promifes there- N o' 177.