Keach - Houston-Packer Collection BT155 .K4 1698

Ebe C0lnnaYZt of peace Omni). Prophanenefs, turfed Oaths, Blafphemy, Drunken- nefs, Whoredom, Pride, Treachery, Cruelty, Col toufnefs, Herefies, Super(iitions, and all manner of abominations abound amongft them ? know this afhuredly God's Anger is not yet turned awáy, but his hand is lifted up ¡till. The Sei ven laß Plagues will over a fhort time be poured forth ; and whatfoever you may think of theprefnt Peace, I fear worfer things are near than what the Earth hath feen or felt yet ; we are not fallen in Each an Age as to ex- pea any long time of -Peace ; No, No ! God bath a fearful Gontroverlie with the Kingdoms of the Barth ; Babylon miff fall, and Sion me: rife, and fefus Ghriff [hall Reign and PofFefs his Vifible Kingdom. And tho Reverend Mr. Beverly, in fo;e refpe&&, bath acknowledged himfelf miftaken,yet the ChurchofGod is great- ly obliged to him for his elaborate Pains, in his 7iirgs look careful fearching out the Myffical Numbers, 6, if thi fo as to know the time of the end of the Beaffs may be the Reign and Tyranny, the allïn .awa of I rear in, Y 1 g Y zxhicl the the Second n. Moreover, l am perfwadedTurks máy he bath out -done all that went before him,be aPla&u and may be the World will fee in a fhort ry the Are- fpace, that he was not much miftaken as to the ticnriftiaa Time. (late. Therefore it will be Wifdom in all to for- bear too .hard Cenfures of this Worthy Per - fon : Let us wait to fee what will be produ.- ced by Divine Providence between this and the end of the Year 1700. No doubt but ama- zing Revolutions are ready to break out in the Earth. God wil overturn, overturn, overturn, till J3. >e