Keach - Houston-Packer Collection BT155 .K4 1698

'tjeQobenant of pewee Opened+ 5 The Text containeth a moil Gracious Pro- rbe rexz rife, in which are Five Things to be conli- open dered. I. Who it:, tis that makes thus Promifo, II. To whom the Promife is made. I=II. What is contained in the Fromife. IV. The Spring or Rife of the Promife. V. The Stability of the Promife, L It is GOD, the great God and Father two makes of Mercy which makes this Promife ; he that :hit Pro- made and created us, fee verft 5. For thy Ma- raife. ker is thy Husband, the LordofHofts is his Name, the God of the whole Earth ¡hall he be called; A Promife of Peace from filch a I ing is worth regard, and to be prized by all to whom it is made. II. This Promife is made unto the Gentile ro viorn Church, and therefore it wonderfully behoveth tbir,re. us to confider it, and lay the matter to heart ; mife is Ibme of thole great Proinifes contained in the made.. Writings of the Prophets, do peculiarly refer to the yews, the Natural Seed of Abraham,. but this wholly and particularly refpeaeth the Gentile Church, as you may fee if you read v. i. Sing O barren, thou that didft not bear.', breakforth into Singing, and cry aloud thou that didft not trae' vel. The 7errifh People were in a Legal Co- venant Married to the Lord, and many among them were fpiritually efpoufed unto him, and brought forth bleTed Fruit, the Church of If rael had a numerous Oilfpring ; but for a long Period of Time we poor Gentiles were paf fed by, God efpoot feet us not ; the Gentiles B 3 weïq