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Zbe Cobonant ofpeace Opencti; 9 God, that cannot lie ; but to make it yet more firm, he hath fworn to his Pr-omife ; for as I have fworn that the Waters of Noah fhall no Ifa. 54.9. more, go over the Earth, fo have I [worn that I would not be Wrath with thee nor rebuke thee that is, not to forfake her utterly. So much !hall fuffice as to the Parts, and Explanation of the Words of our Text. I !hall only raife, and profecute one Point of Do±rine from hence, viz. Doa. That there is a Covenant of Peace The Do- made or agreed upon, and it flands firm t ui arine rai- behalf ofall Gods Eleçt. fed. In the (peaking unto this Propofition, I Ihall take this Method following, . viz. Lay down eight Explanatory Propofitions by way ofPremife. 2. I fhall endeavour to open the main or chief Tranfaétions about the bringing in, and ell-ably/3- y' this Covenant of Peace 3. I fhall open the Nature of this Covenant of Peace. 4. I(hall thew you what tis contained, granted or given zn this Covenant. 5. Shew the Nature of the Peace comprehended in this Covenant. .6. Appy it. Propofit. I. That God fore/aw from Eternity, Explana- that Man would fall from that happy and bicfled tory Pro- State in which he was Created ; and that a fear- pofitions. ful breach would arife betwixt hirn if and Man- kind. Thereby, Had it not been thus, there would have been Ilo