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IO ebbDtfplapof (251o#otto efface + no room, no need, no occafion for God to enter into a Covenant of Peace with his own blefl-ed Son, in behalf of Mankind without a War forefeen, there could I fay, be no occafion of a Covenant of Peace and Reconcilation: II. Propofition, That this Covenant of Peace was entered into between the Father and the Son before the World began. Hence the Apoftle faith, (aluding to this Covenant) God bath 2 Tir4.I9. faved us, and called us with an holy Calling, not according to our Works, but according to his own purpofe and Grace which was given us in Chrill Pro. 8.s3. fefius before the World began. Moreover, Our Lord Jefus faith, that he wasfet up from everlafting, from thebeginning, or ever the Earth was. That is ordained, fubftituted and anointed to be the great Reprefeiitative and CovenantingHead in behalfof all the Ele& of GO.O. III. Propofition, That the Breachwhich God forefaw would are, would be very great, or a molt amazing or fearful Breach betwixt him - felf and loft Mankind, and that it was fo might abundantly be demonftrated. Tarature It was a Breach occafioned by Sin, of breach the God did not firft fall out with us, or proclaim ho trvirt d War againfEt Mankind ; but we firft broke and Man that League and Covenant of our Creation ppened. with God ;' Man rebelled againft his Creator, cafing off his Obedience and Allegiance, and ccle7e29, fubjeEted himfelf to Sin and the Devil, Lo this only have I found, that God bath made Man up- right, but they have fought out many inventions. Tho all the Wickednefs that is in Man's Iiçart, that Deceit, Flypocrifie, and ftreams of